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Sticking to a Time Proven Idea

Some of the memorable parts of childhood
The world outside our memories can prove rather surprising at times. It's easy to become so lost in fond memories of the past that it can create an artificial division. People can easily slip into a habit where they nearly start to think of their youth as a lifetime away. But in reality there's far less difference between someone's adult life and their youthful enthusiasm than most would assume. Much of it simply comes down to how things are framed. Take stickers as a perfect example. Many people have fond memories of sticker collecting in their youth. 

Planning for the future and enjoying the present
Stickers were and continue to be a common collectible within any number of different things. Even something like a new video game would often be enhanced by stickers. But over time people tend to forget about those joys. Or, rather, they tend to regulate them to memory alone.


But there's really no reason why this has to be so. In reality one simply needs to move the joys of youth into a new context. For example, one might not get stickers with the same thing associated with childhood joys. But there's always new joys to be found in life. And with those joys comes chances to enjoy stickers. For example, someone might want to put stickers onto their laptop. And it’s often a great way to show enthusiasm for teams.


Of course sports teams are the most common example there. But it’s even useful in more professional contexts. Professional team building exercises are still highly involved with the concept of a team. And it’s actually quite easy to jump online and order custom stickers. These give one the chance to take almost any concept and move it from the distant past and right into the present. And of course it also helps one plan out future entertainment as well.

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